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Moving and realizing you need to purge your closet?

Want to make a difference while doing it?

Check out Schoola

Schoola is a way to raise money for local schools and schools in need.

They make it pretty simple:

1. Purge your closet

2. Visit their website and they will send you a bag with prepaid postage.

3. Fill

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4 Helpful Tricks to Make Sure Your Home is Ready for Christmas

Get your home ready before Christmas so life is still fun when it's all over.

1. Lights:

Put your Christmas lights on a timer. It is important to protect your home while you are out celebrating. Getting a timer for your lights is a great way to appear as though

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Moving Before Christmas?

Santa's 5 Best Helpers Will Save You Time

1. My Utilities:

When I say My Utilities will save your life, I am not kidding. My Utilities connects all your utilities for FREE. There is no catch. They will save you hours and many headaches. They research all of the utility

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