Moving and realizing you need to purge your closet?

Want to make a difference while doing it?

Check out Schoola

Schoola is a way to raise money for local schools and schools in need.

They make it pretty simple:

1. Purge your closet

2. Visit their website and they will send you a bag with prepaid postage.

3. Fill the bag with gently used clothing and give it to your mail carrier.

Schoola then posts the clothing on their website. Each article of clothing is associated with a school of your choice. When someone buys it, 40% of the proceeds will go towards that particular school.

All clothing is marked 70% off the retail priceā€¦ so if you are looking for great deals on Christmas gifts, stay on their site and shop around. Donate to schools while purchasing Christmas gifts this year.

Whether you give clothes or buy clothes, Schoola is helping people in need in an environmentally friendly way.

Purge the closet and pass it on!