4 Ways To Simplify A Move So You Don't Stress Out

There are a million things you are thinking about and the only thing keeping you going is the harmonious picture of you in your new home, settled. Here are some ways to keep you sane on the way to the finish line.

4 Ways To Keep From Feeling Stressed About Moving

Plan Meals

Start by making all of your meals on Sunday, before the week starts. Grocery shop for the whole week. Cook a couple casseroles, divvy them up for the week and store them in the fridge for a quick grab and go. You will save time thinking about what to eat, planning what to eat, eating, and you will save money in the long run. If you hear the word casserole and think calories, then don’t forget about the crockpot. Chop up any vegetables you have, pick your favorite meats, season the pot up, and let it cook. Your afternoons and evenings will be freed up and you can use that time to get ready for the move on a happy stomach.


Do not forget to get your endorphins. You have to fight to get a workout in. In the chaos of moving you may feel like there is not an extra second, but trust me, when you work out, even for five minutes, your whole day is multiplied. Maybe you have to modify your workout because of time constraints but I’m telling you, fifteen minutes of a workout should never be forgotten. Endorphins are stronger than any other remedy. Fifteen minutes a day will keep you out of the crazy house... did I just make a pun?!

Be Thankful

In every frustration, there are at least three reasons to be thankful. Start with reminding yourself of one thing you are thankful for. Moving is hectic in all forms, I know, but just try it. Focus on being thankful.

Ask For Help

I’m not saying blow up in your spouse's face or whine to your friends about your screaming stress levels. I’m just saying humbly, communicate that you need a little help. Maybe take a couple of minutes to think about what tasks you could possibly pass off to someone who is willing to help. Then trust your helpful friend with their task. Friends love to help; be a good friend by trusting them.