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Vivint, one of the top home security providers, has a special place in their heart for the men and women who protect our country. Vivint recognizes the sacrifice many men and women make to contribute to the “security” of our nation and wants to give back to them and their families.

Because of the value Vivint places on the men and women in our military they have created a special policy for them. Members of the military follow special policies in regards to cancellations, moving, deferment, and a few other topics.


Upon request, Vivint will cancel service agreements for any active duty or reserve military personnel who are being deployed. Military members can cancel their service agreements when moving onto another base for whatever reason upon providing a copy of an official order for relocation. Moving from off-base homes to other off-base homes within the U.S. without deployment to that particular location is not eligible for terminating a service agreement.

When a military family moves within the United States they are not required to extend their terms of their agreement. The standard activation fee of $99 is waived, however, any additional equipment requested for installation must still be paid for. Military personnel is granted up to six months of payment deferrals in the event of a temporary assignment away from their permanent residence.

Medically Discharged

Medically discharged military can cancel service agreements.