Moving? Try The Best Automatic Door Locks On The Market.

Moving and interested in the latest trends? Forget making 15 copies of your keys, check out Sesame by Candy House.

“Open Sesame” once felt like magic as it gave us access to clubs at recess and top-secret diaries. “Open sesame” is making a come back and this time and everybody is going to want a piece of it.

These days leaving home with a smartphone in hand is almost all we need. We no longer carry wallets, cameras, maps or books. With Sesame locks, you can leave your keys at home too. Sesame locks allow you to lock and unlock your home with your phone wherever you are.

If you are about to move, or just moved into a new home, there couldn’t be a better time to install Sesame locks. Don’t make a million sets of keys for kids, maids, or house sitters, instead monitor each entry and exit as people come and go at all times.

The locks are simple, easy to install, and can be used with existing locks. It only takes seconds to install. There is no unscrewing or replacing locks because the design fits any lock, as is. You can program sesame to open to verbal cues from your phone, certain noise simulation, or by unlocking your phone depending on how you desire.

The lock is connected to your phone via Bluetooth and can additionally be connected to the home wifi network. Get notifications when people are coming and going and control access wherever you are. With military encryption, no one will be hacking this lock.

Get started with Sesame at your new home:
Order the locks
Download the free app
Attach Sesame to your existing locks
Open Sesame!

Check out their killer video:

Some people love the idea of being “off the grid” and hate bringing their phones with them. Sesame locks still allow doors to work with manual keys, but that being said, Sesame is not for everyone. In our opinion, it is an amazing piece of technology but maybe more enjoyed by the people who claim to be “tech-savvy”. For those of you who are truely “tech-savvy” go for it! You, your home, your kids, and your belongings will thank you.