#1 Packing App: Sortly

Make Packing Easy With Sortly

Sortly is the best app My Utilities found for staying organized during packing and moving. The app was also recognized by Forbes, The Huffington Post & Fast Company!

By the time you get to the stage of moving where you are shoving items into boxes you could really use some help. The problem with accepting help in the box packing stage is when you finally start unpacking boxes after your move, you can’t figure out where anything is.

Using the app Sortly will not only help you keep track of all your items, it also will give you peace of mind when friends, and even your kids, come help pack.

With Sortly you you can organize everything by item, room, photo and identify everything with custom QR code stickers and folders within the app. Once you complete packing all your items you can even export the list to your moving company so they can send you a moving expense estimate without you doing extra work.

How To Use The Sortly App To Manage Your Move

  1. Download Sortly on your smartphone
    • The app is free for the Moving Checklist, organizing items, and exporting text only CSV. To print QR codes and export photo data, you will have to upgrade for $9.99.

  2. Game Plan: Click “More” in the bottom right corner.
    • This feature gives you a timeline of a helpful “order of operations” for 8 weeks prior to moving, 6 weeks, 4 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week, a couple days all the way up to #movingday.
    • Before you even start the actual packing this legend will help you organize your move from big picture to tiny details.

  3. Create Folders:
    • Depending on your preferences you can create folders for each room, category or just keep everything in one big folder labeled “home”.

  4. Add Items:
    • Open created folder
    • Snap picture of item you are packing
    • Enter name
    • Quantity
    • Add notes, tags, product info about the item

  5. Export List
    • Export your list of items to your email to create an estimate for your moving company.

  6. Print QR code stickers
    • Assign these stickers to each box
    • These QR codes make it easy to move and unpack items
    • These stickers also make it very easy to keep track of everything packed without making a mess. You have already listed every item into the app; the QR code will let you see inside the box without lifting a finger.

  7. Search for items.
    • When your 3 year old starts crying because you already packed their favorite toy, you can quickly search for the item by typing it into the “search” bar.

    We wish you the best as you begin the packing process! Don’t forget you can always consult My Utilities for any moving assistance. We are experts in researching and connecting utilities but want to help however we can.