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What’s all the commotion about security cameras?

Each home security company includes different features in their various plans. Some plans include interior cameras, some include exterior cameras, and some only provide the option to add cameras onto their base plans.

People love choices and the security system industry understands that. You are free to choose whether you want glass detectors, motion sensors, thermometer integrations, cameras, and the list goes on. My Utilities does not think every home necessarily needs security cameras, however, we do see value in them and therefore want to make sure our users fully understand their capabilities and benefits. Before purchasing a home security camera make sure you check with your My Utilities agent to ensure your plan provides your desired features.

Most home security cameras monitor activities occurring inside the home or in close proximity outside the home. These days security cameras not only give you the ability to monitor your home 24/7 while you are gone, you also can view a live stream from almost anywhere in the world through smartphones, laptops and other devices.


You’re thinking, I see how a camera could capture movement directly in front of the camera but how in the world would it be worth getting one if it misses the activity in the camera’s peripheral? In this competitive security market many companies offer top of the line cameras that tilt, turn, pan, rotate 360 degrees and zoom almost better than the human eye, not to mention the fact that they capture real-time recordings. Most home security companies offer the ability to view activity recordings live on smart devices, and can also be transferred to DVDs, HDD, and CD-Rs for litigation purposes. If you don’t believe the quality of the camera’s abilities check out this recent news report,


Installation locations are unlimited with most companies- under roof eaves, trees, doorbells, ceiling corners, kitchen shelves and more. Most cameras only require a rigid surface in order to attach the device, some are even wireless. Security companies offer various products but most exterior and interior camera are quite durable. Whether you use your cameras for baby monitors inside or for exterior surveillance the higher quality cameras should withstand heat, snow, rain and ice. Speak to a My Utilities agent to gain a better understanding of which security company offers the durability you specifically are looking for.

Night Vision

You will be shocked when you see how well some cameras can see in the dark. Chat with a My Utilities agent to see which cameras they know to have the best night vision. The cameras with infrared radiation surveillance transmit clear images in any shade of the darkness. Ask your My Utilities agent if you can view a clip of the recordings; it will blow your mind.

Sync Cameras

Some companies offer the ability to sync your cameras to motion detectors so you then can automatically receive clips when motion is detected via text or email. When your cameras are synced to your notifications and personal devices you can enjoy your time out, trusting that you will be notified if need be but you can also “walk” around your home virtually at any time. You can visually check your home for safety reasons and you can even check the room for that missing item you can’t find at work. You can also store triggered clips to view at a later time on your smart device, app and in the system portals.