Moving Checklist |My Utilities

Moving is notoriously stressful but these 2 things will change your moving process forever.


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#2 This Timeline:

We created this timeline for you to use as a guideline in the whole moving process so you can manage the stressful things before you feel the weight of them. Whether you have two months before you move or you are moving next week, you can hop into this timeline and use it to your advantage.

2 Months:

• Make a "move file" to keep track of receipts and other important documents

• Transfer over your child’s school records

• Write out a budget for moving expenses

• Research your new community and get plugged in now so you can join in as soon as you move

6 weeks:

• Cancel or transfer any health clubs, organizations, and group memberships

• Measure out the rooms and doors of your new house to see if all of your furniture and belongings will fit

• Separate, use or discard Do Not Ship products

• Get 3 or 4 in-home moving estimates from different companies. Make sure they are in writing and have a USDOT number on them alt Check Here; this website will verify they’re legitimate

5 weeks:

• Order boxes and other moving supplies

• Sort through your belongings to see what you would like to discard, donate, or sell

• Start packing the things you don’t use often

• Figure out travel arrangements for your pets and family

4 weeks:

• File a Change of address with the post office: Click Here

• Reserve your move with the moving company

• Notify important parties of your move (Financial Institutions, employers, and insurance companies)

• Start packing and separating your valuables

3 weeks:

• BEST PART! My Utilities makes setting up your internet, water, gas, electricity, tv/cable, home security and phone easy! See all your options and get everything connected at If you have any questions about the plans, prices, or "how tos" visit or call 888-554-4609.

• Obtain medical, dental and veterinary records

• Service your automobile to make sure nothing comes up your moving day

• Verify your travel arrangements for your pets and family

2 weeks:

• Arrange to take the day off from work on the day of your move

• Notify government offices (Social Security, IRS) of your move

• Make arraignments on how to pay for everything on moving day

• Look up the nearest grocery stores and pharmacies to familiarize yourself with the area

1 week:

• Arrange for delivery services like newspapers to be discontinued

• Empty out and defrost your refrigerator discarding any remaining perishable foods

• Refill your prescriptions

• Pack up your essentials

Moving day:

• Get a bill of lading from your movers

• Make sure none of your belongings were damaged from the move

• Go through the new house to see if everything is in order

• Enjoy your new home!