FilterEasy is smart, cost-efficient, healthy and unforgettable.

As the summer months quickly heat up, encourages you to take a quick look at your air conditioning units to make sure they are working efficiently so you can spend your money on the fun stuff and enjoy summer fully. Each home has different factors that play into your family’s needs like lifestyle, pets, allergies, etc. but no matter the family, filters should be changed at least every 3 months. Before you tack this annoying task onto your todo list, check out FilterEasy.

FilterEasy is a company that brings clean air into users’ homes effortlessly. The concept is extremely simple but can greatly benefit users. Users sign up once and then FilterEasy delivers the needed HVAC filters automatically whenever a change is required. FilterEasy delivers your needed filters to your door so you don’t have to remember to run to the store or lose energy or money with a poorly functioning HVAC system. Life is too valuable to waste time.

  • FilterEasy Saves: FilterEasy offers its filters at better prices than stores and also saves users time and money on the journey to pick up the goods.
  • FilterEasy Cleans: Air filters cleanse the air in the home twice every hour keeping germs at bay.
  • FilterEasy Maximizes: Regularly changed filters help HVAC systems run stronger and longer, inevitably saving you more.
  • FilterEasy Reminds: Simplify your “to do” list and let FilterEasy automatically replace your filter for you so you don’t have to think about it.

How To Sign Up For FilterEasy.

  1. Select the number of filters you want.
  2. Enter the sizes that are listed on your previous filters.
  3. Next, you select the filter grade you desire and then FilterEasy automates your deliveries!
  4. Enjoy life because you have a high functioning HVAC system!!

If you are interested in trying this out for the summer months, visit FilterEasy or give them a call at 800-308-1186.

Photo: Brandon Hoogenboom!