ADT Bought Brinks Home Security? Who Knew?

You’ve seen Brinks Home Security signs plopped outside your neighbor’s homes as one of the Nation’s largest Home Security brands, but did you know that their home security branch no longer exists? In 2009 Brinks Home Security was rebranded as Broadview Security, a subsidiary of The Brink's Company since 1983. Soon after, in 2010, Tyco International acquired them at a $2.0 billion value and subsequently the company merged with ADT Security Services. Good for Brinks, though, a two billion dollar payout sounds pretty nice. While Brinks Home Security is now technically defunct, ADT has taken over its market share with an expanded reach.

It is mind-blowing how companies come and go, merge and grow!

Brink’s Home Security/ Broadview added 1.3 million customers to ADT’s 6 million-plus customer base. Since the acquisition ADT declares several reasons why they believe there has never been a better time to choose ADT.

  1. Advanced Technology: ADT and Brinks have partnered to give you and your home the latest home security technology available. From infrared motion detectors to wireless keychain remotes, it's never been easier to keep your home secure.
  2. More Monitoring Centers: ADT has more monitoring centers than any home security provider in the nation. Its partnership with Brinks/ Broadview security means your system is backed by interconnected command centers - delivering a rapid response time you can count on.
  3. More Experience: With more than 131 years in the security business, ADT is America's most experienced home security provider. ADT and Brinks Security help protect millions of homes and businesses across the U.S.

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