Stay On Good Terms With Your Boss

3 things to do to make sure you stay on good terms with your boss when you move.

  • Always Give a 2 Week Notice

Letting your boss know you are moving two weeks before you do so is standard. Even though, "two weeks notice" is the phrase we are all familiar with and think is appropriate, if there is a chance to let your boss know earlier than two weeks, you should. It is helpful for them in the process of hiring and training your replacement. I know there is always a fear that they will fire you earlier if they know you are leaving, but that is where good communication comes in.

  • Communicate Clearly and Respectfully

No matter how much you liked or disliked your job, finding positive things to relay to your boss upon departure is important. Leaving a job is probably not the best time to complain about everything you hated about the job. Let them know professionally why you are leaving and always thank them for the time they employed you. Keep the door open in case you ever end up moving back or desire working at a different branch.

  • Write a Thank You Note

It is a polite touch to write a thank you letter to your boss and team when you leave. Whether you thought your job was the bee's knees or not, your company employed you, and therefore paid you, so if you can't find anything nice to say, thank them for employing you!

Leaving on good terms with your boss is always beneficial to you for future job referrals and connections. Leaving on good terms with your boss is also just a good way to live. It is healthy to leave on good terms with people and to leave a positive mark on others. If there is an opportunity to respectfully mention things that could have been better, then do so; constructive feedback is helpful to both parties, but make sure you are always respectful and kind.