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Help your clients set up their utilities the best, most efficient, way possible.

As a professional in the moving industry, you know first hand that there are countless hiccups that surface in the moving process. Loans fall through, moving trucks break down, inspections fail, contracts are voided. Countless pieces have to fit perfectly together in order for each client to finally walk through their front door. As a professional in the moving world, the goal is to minimize the risk of collateral damage in your clients’ lives so you can seal the deal with a happy client and a long term relationship.

Imagine giving your client a trusted personal assistant who eliminated the hassle of setting up utilities. Imagine if this personal assistant was an expert researcher and studied every service provider for internet, gas, electricity, tv/cable, phone and home security available at the home and found the best deals and plans. Imagine if they made it easy to compare and choose plans and even made all the phone calls to connect each service. Imagine if they did this all for free.

The team at My Utilities simplifies the moving process by researching and setting up utilities for movers so they don’t have to hassle with it. Every mover knows the headache of setting up utilities; what if you could be the one to take away the pain?

My Utilities partners with moving professionals across the country, allowing you to offer more to each individual client. Have you ever been working hard on something and after a couple hours someone comes in and turns on the light in the room? You knew you were struggling in the dark but you didn’t realize there was a solution? The whole perspective suddenly is changed. Your headache goes away and you have a new kick in your step. My Utilities wants you to be the one to enlighten your clients with this free service. We want you to be remembered as the professional who did everything you could to simplify your client’s move. You can change the pace of moving by referring your clients to My Utilities.

My Utilities wants to help make moving a good memory for your clients. We want to work with you to simplify your clients’ move the best we possibly can. We are a free resource of educated utilities specialists and researchers. Whether you prefer to offer your clients this free service in person, send them a link in an email, offer a link on your website, or co-brand with a customized portal to offer your clients, My Utilities is on your team and we want to make this simple and streamlined for you too.

We are in your corner as a moving professional and truly want to help your clients in the way we know best.

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