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At you can check your home address and make sure your electricity provider is the best one available to you. Depending on which state you are in you will either be in a regulated or deregulated area. Don't know what that means? Deregulated means options! If you are in a deregulated area you will have options, countless options. The team at My Utilities will help you figure out what each electricity provider is actually offering you. Just because one company has an excellent marketing campaign doesn’t mean they are offering the best plans.

Deregulated electricity providers have so many competitors they get creative with their packages and plans. Some companies appear dirt cheap, some charge more but offer perks like free nights and weekends. These bells and whistles are tempting but what we have realized studying the electricity market day in and day out is that these companies are not showing all their cards. My Utilities will give you unbiased assistance and help you make sure you are actually getting the best deal; we won’t let you get played, we’ve got your back.

Now that My Utilities has hooked you up with the best electricity plan you can reevaluate if you still want to cut cost on your usage. Many home security systems offer light controllers. You can use their functions to save you money when you forget to turn off your lights and you also can use the light controllers to turn on lights while you aren’t home to prevent burglars from approaching your home. However, you use your light controller you have great potential for saving money.

Ask a My Utilities agent which home security system or light control system best fits your needs. Today we are going to discuss the light controller that ADT offers.

The best part of the ADT Light Control system is that it does all the saving for you. With the ADT smartphone app and Automatic Light Control Services, you can turn lights on and off remotely and even dim the lights wherever you are. The Light Control Service allows you to automate your lights inside and outside when the motion sensor is triggered as well as at specified times. You can even get your lights to automatically turn on when the smoke detector is triggered. If you are hard of hearing you can even integrate your lights to your doorbell, phone, and security system.

ADT Light Controls can include In-Wall Switches, Z-Wave Plug On/Off Lamp/Appliance Modules, and Z-Wave In-Wall Dimmer Switches. The In-Wall Dimmer Switches easily connect to the ADT Pulse security system allowing you to remotely dim the lights. The Z-Wave Plug On/Off Lamp Appliance Module easily connects to the ADT Pulse as well for remote and automatic control. This module allows scheduled lighting for energy conservation and increased security as well as controls appliances like curling irons and toasters to minimize risk.