Moving Simplified

Moving is arguably one of the most stressful situations we encounter in a lifetime. One-third of American’s reside in a different home than they did five years ago, the average American moves approximately 11 different times throughout life. No matter how many moves made in a lifetime, there are always a million things to do. So the question remains, how does one simplify the moving process?

Here are 5 Tips we believe help simplify your move!

Ship It

Today 79% of consumer purchases are made on the internet. When it comes to simplifying your move, the internet can deliver optimal convenience for the process. Whether you are shopping for new decor or furniture consider shipping new purchases directly to your new home. Along the same vein, there are countless shipping services that will deliver your current possessions down the block or across the globe, be sure to research which services will best fit your needs.

Store It

Storage units are a stable business that have been steadily on the rise. This concept of self-storage has become big business across the world! Why? Maybe it has something to do with our inherent need to keep, collect, and own more goods. Did you know, there is a self-storage facility within 15 miles of any location in America. Take advantage during the move and find extra space to ease the stress of completing a move in one quick rush.

Sell It

Moving is a great time to sort and purge through possessions you no longer use, want, or need. There is no need to pack up and haul things that are dead weight and no longer useful to you. Use this time to organize your belongings and consider selling or donating items. The extra cash and goodwill will simplify the move.


When you are overwhelmed with unpacking the last thing you need to do is juggle various service appointments and research decisions for which utilities will serve you and your new home best. Leave it to the My Utilities team, we cut this miserable step completely out of the moving process. You never have to sit on the phone with the cable guy again. We connect your services and compile all your start dates and details ahead of time for you.

New Home Essentials

There’s no need to transport, haul or move your old worn-out furniture, mattress, or boxes of shoes from 5+ years back. Consider now the time to refresh and revamp your in-home essentials. Treat yourself, do adequate research on what you want for your new space. Don’t make impulse purchases in-store (because it’s a great deal), instead shop ahead online and go after the pieces you want. This saves you weight in the move and you can have all your new home must-haves delivered to your new front door in almost an instant. Today, companies like Casper can ship their top quality mattresses directly to your door - packed and delivered in a box to make moving that much more simple.

Transitional Survival Kit

The worst part of moving might just be the transition phase. Living out of boxes and bags is only fun for so long. Depending on the length of your specific transition period, pack go-to essentials accordingly. There is nothing more frustrating than searching for or replacing an item you already own but can't seem to put your fingers on. Put together a survival kit with important documents, valuables, chargers, medication, and toiletries.