Make certain your house is safe for the Holidays

Trees, lights, snow, family, music, gifts, giving, the list goes on of wonderful things about this time of year. The unfortunate thing amidst every Christmas season is a heightened risk of robberies. It is a terrible thing and hard to come to terms with but the best reaction in this particular instance is a plan of action. Most of us assume, "it will never happen to me", but take it from me, the chances of it, "happening to you" are actually higher than it not. So instead of putting a damper on this cheerful season, My Utilities is here to help you make a game plan and make sure your house is properly prepared for the thieves you and I both know are out there.

Last year my husband and I had our home broken into. We never dreamt of it actually happening to us, but ya know what, it did. This year we have a security camera on our front porch that notifies us every time someone moves in front of our door. It has brought such relief to us as it has given us insight into the unknown. Whenever anyone comes over, whether we are at home or not, we can see who it is and record their happenings at any moment.

Now beyond a security system, we have 3 categories of safety tips to be cognizant of this Holiday season.


  • Leaving the radio or television on at the house while out of town is a wise idea in addition to having a few lights on or on timers.
  • If you ever answer your door to someone make sure you check who it is prior to opening and always require a badge or identification of anyone you do not know.
  • I'm sure it is a habit to lock the doors and windows of your home but be extra cautious to double-check. Many robberies occur at homes that are simply unlocked.
  • It is common for criminals to take advantage of the generosity of people at Christmas by soliciting donations door- to door.
  • It is important to notify surrounding neighbors if you will be out of town for an extended period of time.
  • It is easy to put your mail and newspaper on hold by calling your local servicer.


  • If you end up shopping late at night make sure you check your surroundings as you leave the store.
  • Cash is nice to have but at this point in the season, it is a safe idea to keep the cash you carry with you to a minimum.
  • Be conscientious of the number of items you are carrying at once to prevent yourself from leaving items in various stores.


  • Roads can get crazy these days. Weather is changing, people are distracted and seem to always be in a hurry. Stay engaged and on the defense when driving.
  • Avoid parking next to vans, trucks, or cars with tinted windows.
  • With it getting dark so early make sure you always park in a well-lit area.
  • Make sure you watch that ice when you hop out of the car.
  • Be sure not to leave packages or valuables on the seat of the car.