Laundry Piling Up After Your Move?

Lighten your load while you are adjusting to your new place by using offers full-service garment care. They offer Dry Cleaning, Washing, Folding, Hang Drying, Hand Washing, Repairs, Large Items, Leather and #allthingslaundry. They even will handle your donations that no longer fit into your new closet after your move!

Rinse offers door-to-door service and lets you customize your preferences. They pick up and drop off items after work in the evenings from 8-10pm and service 7 days a week. Depending on what you are having washed, the turn around time is 1-3 days.

Don’t worry about your clothes while they are away. Rinse has implemented a thorough checks and balances process throughout your clothes' journey at Rinse. They have built-in multiple steps of inspection to ensure you always get the best quality cleaning.

The team at Rinse understands that you have countless things going on in your life and truly want to assist where they can.

Peace of mind and make sure you are always smelling fresh.

Save time and money before your move by using