It's about to get really hot; are you ready??

As the summer months roll in and you turbocharge your AC units, check these 2 tips to make sure you aren't wasting energy or money over the next couple months.

Check Your Fans

Did you know that it makes a difference in which way your fans are rotating?

  • Cool Air: In the summer months program your fan to blow straight down, blades turning counter-clockwise when you look up at it. Keep the fan at medium or high to feel the effects.
  • Warm Air: In the cooler winter months the fan should be spinning clockwise to draw the room air up towards the ceiling and force the warm air down and around the home.

Just a hint: To switch the fan’s rotation direction, just flip the little switch on the body of the fan motor. Remember, the desired direction is based on looking up at the fan.

Check Your AC Units

How old is your unit?

Cool: With the air conditioning unit, how does the filter look? Start fresh in this new home and maybe consider a reusable filter. They cost about $30 upfront as opposed to the $4 for a disposable one but over time you will quickly make your money back. Save trips to the hardware store and also save money on filters. The cleaner the filter, the better both your machine and your wallet will perform.

Heat: Depending on the age and condition of your units you may be better off using a small electric heater to heat your space. They often are a much cheaper and more efficient way to heat an area. Depending on gas prices these small, plug-in heaters can especially be helpful if your home is heated by propane.

Invest In A Better Thermostat

Whether you are renting or buying consider buying a programmable thermostat. Your landlord could potentially fund this investment if you’re renting and if you own the home it is definitely worth the few extra dollars. You can adjust the thermostat on your units before you leave and have them set to start back up 15 minutes before your return. You can save money while you sleep each night as the thermostat adjusts the temperature before you go to sleep and before you awake.

Consider experimenting with your heating and cooling units during the night. It might be worth adjusting the temperature a couple degrees during the night to save money over time. Most likely you will get even a little better sleep due to the temperature change!