Don’t Let These 5 Things Slip Through the Crack When Moving.

Don’t Let These 5 Things Slip Through The Crack.

When you move it’s easy to think about the big things like choosing the right neighborhood, renting a moving truck and waiting to pack your toothbrush until the day of the move. What seems to get tricky is organizing all your personal information so when you move you aren’t flagged by your bank at the grocery store for making “suspicious purchases”. #embarrassing

5 Things That Are Easy To Forget When Moving

Confirming Dates

You are moving! Yay! But don’t forget to confirm your move OUT date with your agent or your landlord. Sometimes in the chaos and excitement of moving forward, we forget about closing the door behind us, don’t let that be you and get stuck paying an extra month's rent. While you're at it, it never hurts to check the dates on all things related to your move. Make a spread sheet of all the move-out tasks and move-in tasks; things like "shut off electricity," and then put a date that this needs to happen. Include the electric provider's name and phone number so they are easy to contact. Most companies will give you a "confirmation number" when you make an account change. This sheet is a great place to hold onto those just in case you ever need to reference it in the future.

Alert Your Bank

This can vary from person to person and city to city but it is a good idea to let your bank know you are moving. This might require further action depending on where you are moving and how far away you are moving from your current home. No matter the distance though it is a good idea to notify them because there is nothing more annoying than not being able to check out with your groceries because the bank, with all good intentions, flags your card because you are spending money in a different place. If you are planning on switching banks entirely it is a good idea while you are still local to take care of the paperwork. You will have enough things on your plate when you finally get into your new home to have to worry about accessing your money.

Register Your Car

Depending on where you are moving, intrastate or not, there are a lot of steps to take to register your car (See our blog post about this for Step By Step tips). You have about 30 days to take care of car stuff when you move so I would just suggest keeping all your paperwork accessible and not buried at the bottom of a box.

Forward Your Medical Records

Contact your current hospital and ask them to forward all your medical records to your new hospital. If you take care of this now, heaven forbid, you need to make a visit to the hospital, you won't have any delays because of paperwork.

Enroll In School

Do you have kids in school? Make sure you talk to the registrar's office at both schools to ensure that the paperwork is fully transferred to your child’s new school. No kid wants to be called to the office on their first day of school.

Good Luck!

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