Moving Before Christmas?

Santa's 5 Best Helpers Will Save You Time

1. My Utilities:

When I say My Utilities will save your life, I am not kidding. My Utilities connects all your utilities for FREE. There is no catch. They will save you hours and many headaches. They research all of the utility service providers you could dream of in your area and present all your options to you. They find the best deals and then call you so you can choose. They do all the work for you and then without thinking twice, all the utilities are connected! They are awesome to work with and really go the extra mile. Take a look at their website… Did I mention it’s completely FREE?!
My Utilities

Call: 214-420-0876

Text: 972-699-5455


2. OHolyLights:

Christmas lights! Let’s be honest, the kids won’t be the only bummed ones if you can’t get the lights up on time. Don’t stress about the lights and let someone else do it! OHolyLights is an awesome company if you are moving somewhere in Dallas. They let you pick your designs and do an excellent job “decking the halls”. They can be a little pricey, starting their packages at $499 but there are several lighting companies in most cities if you want to shop around for the best price.

Call: 214-212-0836

3. Favor Delivery:

Forget going to the grocery store. Let someone stock your fridge before you move in so nobody gets "hangry". Yikes! Favor is awesome because they can deliver almost anything you need really quickly; the average delivery time is 35 minutes. All orders in the that they service in the Texas area have a $5 fee plus 5% of the cost of items and an adjustable tip for the “runner”. Don’t forget about Amazon same day delivery either! That always can save you in a pinch!
Favor Delivery

Call: 855-623-3287


4. TaskRabbit:

Get unpacked fast and get on with celebrating in peace! TaskRabbit is so cool. They will connect you with a professional of your choice to come help you unpack, heck, they will even unpack everything for you. Deep clean, unpack, rearrange furniture… they will get your space ready. They are great about pricing too; once you request a task that you need on their website they will reveal to you professionals who are most qualified for your job… you choose.
Task Rabbit

5. Update Santa’s Address Book:

Don’t forget to let Santa know you are moving… everyone needs a gift from Santa, no matter how old you are.