5 Ways to Entertain Before, During, and Right After a Big Move.

Depending on your personality type, moving can either launch you into total stress mode or pure organizational bliss. Whether you’re the type of person who thrives off organizing or the person who can never find their keys, moving is not the easiest of tasks. As life gets crazy it’s important to take care of yourself and spend time with the people you love even through the moving process.

Not only does moving add a lot to your plate, but it also can get really expensive. Continue to celebrate life with the people you love with these 5 ideas on how to entertain on a budget from that InStyle and ReadyforZero. Try one of these 5 party ideas to get together with your friends even if you feel too busy, messy or stressed.

Flower Exchange/ Garden Party

Is there anything better than a flower party in the spring? This idea is gold and hardly requires any money or prep. Whether you set up tables and chairs in the middle of your garden or ask people to bring flowers to the party, the decor will be breathtaking. You can take on this idea in a couple different ways. InStyle suggests that you encourage people to come with seeds, sheers and sun hats to have a group gardening day but if you are still hoping to enjoy the garden for a couple more weeks before you move on to your next home, ask your guests to bring a few flowers of their own for a flower exchange. Guests can store their flowers as centerpieces until the exchange in old cans, glasses or jars.
Nothing screams tea party better than a flower exchange. Have the guests bring their own teacup and you won’t have to worry about unpacking your grandmother’s fine china. Serve tea and finger sandwiches for the win!

Dessert Party

Dinner parties are always a blast but require many dishes, preparation, place settings, and much more. Consider a one-course party. Nothing beats dessert and considering how fun baking dessert is, it’s a win-win! Pinterest is a dessert’s best friend. Most people don’t want to pig out on brownies for three hours straight or be tempted to binge on cheesecake. Try bite-size treats like cake balls, macaroons, or mini scones! Frozen fruits drizzled in condensed milk can be a game-changer; no prep, no guilt, just pure, delicious dessert! Whether you have your guests bring desserts to share or you just have cookies and coffee, you’re in for an easy, inexpensive night.

One Drink Theme

Everybody loves a themed party. Theme the party after Apple Martinis, Coffee, or Lemonade. Theming the party simplifies the prep and cost while giving your guests a better idea of what to bring as an addition. If you focus more on the drink than the food you don’t have to stress as much over an elaborate meal, dirtying all your dishes.

Vino and Cheese

“2 Buck Chuck” should be your best friend by now. Trader Joe’s, debatably the best grocery store, offers the best deal on wine in all the land. Whatever cheeses you choose to serve it’s all about the delivery. Lay the cheese out in an orderly fashion and add some salami, apple slices or grapes in there for a colorful addition. Clean up and preparation are super easy. Who doesn’t feel exquisite when enjoying wine and cheese?

Don’t Forget It Can Be Easy.

Having fun and connecting with people doesn’t need to be a burden. At the end of the day, people just need to get together and laugh a little. Entertaining doesn’t have to mean food and decorations. Invite people over to play a couple games. Play catchphrase, taboo, or even get out some scratch paper and play a good old round of charades. Help people remember how to have fun and embrace your friends before you step into the next phase of life in your new home.