5 Best Things About Moving To Chicago

Spring is coming and you’re moving to Chicago. The sky is the limit with festive entertainment, but where to start? Here is a list of five things that will start you off on the right foot in Chi-town. There are so many stressful and scary parts about moving but My Utilities is here to eliminate as many as possible. We start by taking care of setting up your utilities and finding you all the best deals on your electricity, internet, gas, tv/cable and home security. Check out myutilities.com to see all your options available at your new home and we will take care of setting everything up so you can get on to living the dream in Chicago! Plan your first few days in Chi-town with this fun list.


Lake Michigan will be your first best friend day one of your move. Did you know the list of beaches is almost endless in your new city? Rogers Park Beaches, North Side, Woodlawn, South Side, and Gold Coast are just the beginning. With More than 20 beaches you can get a taste of everything from country club golf courses with views of the lake to sand volleyball tournaments, snacking on the local concessions, renting bikes or even working from the complimentary wifi hotspots.


Timeout.com is providing us with the inside scoop on Chicago’s best rooftop bars. GreenRiver, Fountainhead, Cindy’s, Gene’s Sausage Shop, Drumbar, Tanta, Streeterville Social, The J. Parker, The Garage Bar, Joe’s Bar, NoMi Lounge and Rock Bottom Brewery. Each spot has its own unique flair but they all offer fresh air, beautiful views, and great drinks. Visit Timeout.com to learn more about each restaurant.

Chicago Has Amazing Food

Chicago is known for amazing restaurants but let's get you started with the waterfront food options. Bridge House Tavern serves modern American dishes along the river. Elle on the river is also on the Chicago River serving Mediterranean tacos and cocktails. After the day at the beach, you can visit The Dock at Montrose Beach or Nacho Mama’s classic burgers and tacos. North Pond, River Roast, Rivers, Smith and Wollensky, and South Branch Tavern to wrap up a few starters not to mention the fish and chips at Waterfront Cafe.

Night Views

Chicago makes everyday fun from sunrise to sunset. Boat tours, helicopter tours and movies in the park make every evening end well. Parks all over the city offer movie viewings during the summer months. Helicopter rides are extravagant in the city but don’t worry about losing your wallet; you can get a beautiful flight for under two hundred dollars. Boat tours are another phenomenal way to see the city at night or during the day. Most companies offer rides from $20-$50.

Chicago's Music Scene

Chicago hosts Lollapalooza in Grant Park every year for all to enjoy. This year Lollapalooza will be a four-day festival. The lineup consists of Lorde, The Killers, Alt-J, Ryan Adams and more. Make sure you get your tickets early and reserve your spot in your new fab city!

Congratulations on moving to Chicago. We hope you enjoy every day in your beautiful new city.