The Fundamental Box: The Essential Collection of Go-To Moving Items

Ten steps in the apartment, and my Large Sonic Slush plummeted to the ground. Strawberry limeade exploded over the front entry tile. Normal post-spill chaos ensued and in a rush to barricade drink from seeping into carpet, someone grabbed sheets out of laundry basket to sop up the strawberry goodness. It is in this moment you wish paper towels and some multipurpose cleaner to materialize.

Thinking about moving day and all of its unpredictable twists and turns? Remember to pack a
Fundamentals Box. It’s one simple way to plan ahead and prepare for the first hours in your new
house and anything along the way. Here is what to include:

  1. Cleaning products: paper towels, multipurpose cleaner, and a set of rubber gloves for
    any last minute pick-ups or spills in the new place.
  2. Toiletries: Toilet paper, shower curtain, and hand soap for immediate sanitary purposes.
    Include any personal toiletries as well for your first night in a new place like contact
    solution or face wash.
  3. Important paperwork: Collect together any important documents that you might want
    quick access to or don’t want free-floating in the back of a truck.
  4. Linens: Pack a new set of sheets and pillow cases, so you can ensure a clean night’s
    sleep. Pull out a towel for each person in your family to use after a shower.
  5. Kitchen items: be sure to pack some plastic cutlery, snacks, and water bottles to open
    up in your new place. Think through your first few meals, remembering bowls for cereal
    in the morning.
  6. Chargers: Stash your chargers the morning of the move into your fundamentals box so you can recharge after a full day of communication. You might want to think through also packing other important electronics or cameras so you know right where they are when
    it’s time to check your internet connection.
  7. Basic First Aid: Toss your basic first aid kit in so that any small cuts or bruises can be
    quickly attended to without having to dig through all of your boxes.
  8. Marker and paper: This is two-fold because you can use these items to label rooms in
    your new house upon arrival and also for a place to jot down any to-do items or a new
    grocery list. Never underestimate the power of a pen and paper.

This simple box should be the last box you tape shut and the first box you open when you
arrive. It can be a catch-all for any last minute miscellaneous items and is crucial in moving-
emergencies. Remember that having your water turned on and utilities set before you arrive can
be done at My Utilities. They do all of the leg work for you so that when you show up after a big
moving day, you can jump in the shower and cool off with ease.

Photo by Adam Birkett on Unsplash