How Do I Set Up Utilities When I Move? | My Utilities

Ready To Live Efficiently?

There is almost always a better way of doing something these days. You think you're being efficient then BAM!! - it hits you like a freight train - you're not. You find out that you could have been using 'ctrl + c' this whole time. Let's be honest, you've probably wasted half of your life right clicking. That brings me to my next point, there is but yet another better way of doing something. Yep, this is the part where we self promote. You've been used to living in a world where you research and connect your own utilities. Well strap in. My Utilities IS the better way.

My Utilities is a free service simplifying the process of moving. Instead of wasting your time trying to figure out how the heck you get the electricity turned on at your new home, let the team at do it for you. Instead of sitting on hold with AT&T for three hours, don't. Let set up your internet for you. Instead of visiting the city water department four times because you can't remember what paperwork to bring, let the team at My Utilities tell you exactly what you need so you can get it right the first time. With hundreds of utilities companies out there, you can spend hours figuring out which company to go with in addition to the time it takes to get connected. See all your options and get all your utilities set up in just a few minutes with My Utilities.

Wherever you live, My Utilities will research your home and present all your utility options to you so that you can make an educated choice. In a competitive market utility service providers make finding the best deal an impossible task... unless of course you talk to the experts at Have you ever heard of something being a piece of cake? Let My Utilities research all the providers servicing your home for internet, electricity, gas, water, cable tv, and home security. See all your options in front of you in one place, at one time, and make the best choices for your needs. After you select your options, the team at My Utilities will make all the connections for you. You basically hardly have to lift a finger.

Have you ever heard of anything more simple?!

My Utilities agents are ready to offer advice and knowledge to you over the phone, text, email, or if you don't ever even want to talk to one of us, you can do the whole process online. Click, click, click, and you're fresher than even Kanye and Jay-Z. Or is that clique, clique, clique.