Moving Party

Loading the Moving Truck: How to Ask Your Friends to Help

Somehow your boxes have to get from inside your house (our, eh, your fourth story apartment) into the moving truck. And the quicker the better. When you don’t have the cash or a company to front the money for a moving service, asking your friends or family might be the next best thing. Here are the top tips for how to successfully--and without ruining any relationships--ask your friends to help you to move:

  1. Ask early - Schedule your moving event at least 4-6 weeks in advance. This helps ensure you and your friends can book the moving morning or afternoon (and it should ease you of the last-minute muscle panic). Schedule a truck even farther in advance (2-3 months), remembering that more people move at the end of the month.

  2. Create a Facebook event - Creating a Facebook group is a simple way to keep track of details, share messages about when and where to meet, and also circle back with a thank you. Make sure to supply key information like the address where you are starting and ending, if applicable.

  3. Supply food - There are two types of food in the moving scenario - fuel and party food. The fuel needs to include grab and go foods like bananas or granola bars, plus plenty of water. Especially noting the hot summer months, making sure you and your crew stay well hydrated is crucial.

  4. Supply more food - The second (and more fun) part of moving is celebrating when all the boxes are in their proper places, be that the back of the truck or your across-town home. The traditional beer and pizza on the new living room floor is a go-to for a great reason -- you’ve earned it and the cleanup is easy.

  5. Be organized - Remember asking your friends to help you move doesn’t mean that they are also packing up boxes. Your boxes should be sealed up and ready to go, beds should be taken apart to the best of your ability, and all of your last minute toiletries should be gathered into a transportable box.

  6. Become the coach - On moving day, you are the coach. Your primary job is to help direct people, give clear directions, and coordinate. It’s easy to want to be the one carrying all of the boxes, but your friends and family need a leaders to cast the vision, answer questions, and assign out tasks (make sure you pick someone with strong organizational skills to pack the back of the truck).

  7. Send a thank you - It’s easy in the hustle and bustle of moving, to forget to thank your family and friends for lending their Saturday morning to helping you transport all of your earthly goods. Make sure to send a thank you. This can be as simple as a quick text message or a more elaborate dinner party once your dining room table is setup in your new place.

  8. Lend a hand - Remember, if you want people to help you move, the best thing you can do is show up to their own moving experience. Be the first to offer up an early morning or late afternoon when you hear of your friends moving and the gesture will carry you (or your boxes) far.

Moving can seem intimidating, but it’s also an incredible time to make memories. Moving day can become a great memory, an important marker in your transition to your new home, and a way to share your life with friends or family! Remember that you can save time and energy other ways, like using My Utilities to set up your utilities for you ahead of time, so you have more energy to pack your kitchen utensils ahead of time.

Photo by jens johnsson on Unsplash