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Choose Your Internet Plan With Ease

Everybody has access to internet almost everywhere we turn but unless you are one of the lucky Willie Wonka victors, somehow grandfathered into a cell phone plan with unlimited data, you will at some point be restricted by your data plan. Luckily almost every building you walk into has some sort of internet connection for you to stream videos, work remotely or google your yourself to genius status. What do you do once you get home though, by the end of the day have you tapped out your wireless data plan; have your friends? Seems like everyone around us gives, gives, gives the wifi, but may I dare ask how you are “giving back”?

Am I suggesting that you pick out your very own internet plan for your home? I know, it sounds daunting but I’m going to tell you one really spectacular thing that will change this grotesque task forever.

1: will do it all for you. You can view all your options and get set up in one place. You can see it online or you can even chat with an expert who will cut the crap and help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Don’t stress...My Utilities has a whole team of experts who know everything there is to know about internet plans and prices and truly want you to find the best fit. Did I mention this services is free??

Did you know that just because an internet company has an insane marketing budget it doesn’t mean they service every home?? You’re thinking, “I live in the middle of Chicago and I should be able to have access to anything and everything you could possibly need”, you and me both sister! I KNOW! It’s mind blowing, isn’t it! The reality is that your neighbor in 6220 might have AT&T U-Verse but your house, just next door at 6222 might not.

I know it’s difficult to comprehend the thought that the very brand that houses the Dallas Cowboys isn’t able to provide internet to every “local” home, but I will tell you there is hope! At you can simply enter your address and see and compare all your options. You can then select the provider and plan of your choice right there and in just a matter of seconds easily make a selection and set up an installation appointment.

Don’t waste your time racking your brain for the various internet providers and then crawling their website to figure out if the offer a plan at your house… just type in your address at

Not only will you save time in the process of getting internet connected at your home we also will help you figure out how to find the best pricing and plans. Many times the “biggest” brands don’t even have the best plans. Don’t let marketing dollars trick you into a plan that funds their branding efforts. Talk to an advisor at My Utilities and figure out if you are actually getting the best speed, price and plan that fits your budget and needs.

We’re all friends here!