New License Checklist

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
Remember Order of Operations in Algebra 1?

It's time to revisit the idea.

If you moved to a different state you will need to get new license within three months of moving.

Now the thing you must remember is that there is a specific ORDER of operations to the madness; here is the list.

* Did you get married and change your name? If yes, then first you need to go to the social security office and change your name. Bring your passport, license and marriage license* - nice thing about this step is that it's free! ( don't get used to the free stuff)

1. Switch Your Insurance

  • This one is pretty straight forward. Pick an agency you want to use in your new state. Tell that agency to call your old agency and they will swap information pretty easily. This step is kind of fun because it reminds you what your insurance covers and the break down of what you are paying for. Things like insurance are important to review and know where your money is going.

2. Get a Car Inspection

  • Ok, now that you have your car insurance you can get an inspection. This costs about $25 and often times you can get it done at a local oil changing place. Keep the piece of paper they give you!!

3. Registration and License Plates

  • Ok this experience doesn't have to be a visit to hell; get there early! Make a fun morning out of it, grab some coffee and wait outside the door. When they let you in it will only take minutes to exchange information, sign a couple papers and then of course, pay about $200 depending on which county you moved to! Again, keep the paper and sticker they give you!!

4. Head to the DMV for Your License

  • Alright you are almost there! Now, DMVs are getting kind of swanky lately. Some offices have an online kiosk where you can get in line before you get there. Look into that! It will save you hours. Ok, double check the following list before you go into your local DMV because they are STRICT so make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you get there.
    • Passport
    • Current driver's license if you have one
    • Social Security card
    • Marriage license if you have one and are changing your name
    • Registration
    • Inspection report
    • Insurance card
    • 2 forms of mail. They want utility bills or some legal documents that get mailed to your current address to show you are a current resident.

This list is long but don't mess around. They don't budge at the DMV.

Try to enjoy the process though. DMV people are usually grouchy, bring a change of energy into that place and pass some smiles around!