Can't Fit The Furniture In The U-Haul?

Realized you can't fit the furniture in the moving truck and need to sell it?

Have more than just furniture you need to get rid of?

Carousell is notable startup that offers a simple way to sell the unused and underused clutter in your home.

Carousell sells items quickly using the Snap-List-Sell framework. Buyers can chat with you right from the app. The company has gained significant traction and has proved it to the large investors that back them including 500 Startups, Golden Gate Ventures and Sequoia Capital.

Heaven forbid, you moved and need items to fill out the space in your new crib? There are over 26 million items live at this very moment that you can purchase with one simple click.

It is easy to search for local items with their geo-locator, item search engine and image displays.

Carousell is honestly a new and improved Craigslist that is way cooler.

My Utilities and Carousell are here to help make your move a breeze.